Through the test of the elements, let us lose ourselves in phenomena whose abstraction is only apparent.

This series was born from a personal research about an interpretation of the five elements that are wood, water, earth, metal and fire – whose plastic and variety always fascinated me.

Its also stems from the chinese philosophy in which any phenomenon in the universe results from a permanent unbalance between what these elements (Wuxing) stand for, in an unstable cycle of birth and destruction.

Hence, assuming that the universe is infinite, I tried trough photographic combinations of the elements, to create phenomena that each viewer will be able to discover with the help of his experience or of his fantasy.

In the absence, most intended, of non-ambiguous clues of scale, everyone is invited, freely and for each work, unto visual journeys somewhere between the infinitely small and infinitely big.

It does not matter, whether his vision crosses the one that originally crystallised in my own mind – it is also why I chose not to give titles to the pictures.

The inspiration finally owes a lot to the work of the Chinese master photographer Lang JingShan (1892 -1995), and especially to his landscapes built in composite photography.

The prints are made in subligraphy, in limited number, numbered and signed.