Nature and the city: trees have a lot to say on this topic. familiar silhouettes, we like them in rows on our sidewalks, as stars on our squares, in groups in our parcs. Sometimes forgetting that nature lives and s most often stronger that concrete.

Here, we will explore sidewalks and all ways we carefully arrange our plantations in “bouquets” combining trees and flowers, enclosed in “vases” made of ornated wire or brick fences as in the elegant quarters of New York. Elsewhere, we are content with poles intended to protect them from drivers when parking their cars. More often, floor grids delimitate around their stem, the hole allowed for their growth.

In best case, with the needed flexibility to allow aging and underground space for future roots. But so often doesn’t the battle end with an uprising of nature wanting to recover its living space, and with a sometimes-spectacular escape … or with a miserable tree stump let abandoned?