Through the test of the elements, let us lose ourselves in phenomena whose abstraction is only apparent.

This series was born from a research on the five elements that are wood, water, earth, metal and fire (Wuxing) – whose graphic qualities have long fascinated me.

It is also based on Chinese thought for which every phenomenon of the universe results from an unstable cycle of generation and destruction between these elements.

Photographic combinations of the elements, the «Phenologies» reproduce phenomena to be discovered by each spectator, from his experience or his imagination.

The intentional absence of scale references invites him to visual journeys between the infinitely small and the infinitely large.

It doesn’t matter if his vision matches mine or not – that’s why I didn’t want to give the photos titles.

Finally, the inspiration owes much to the work of the Chinese master photographer Lang JingShan (1892 -1995), and especially to his landscapes built in composite photography.

The prints are made in subligraphy, in limited number, numbered and signed.